13 march 2017

MTB Hardtail Bikes // Shockblaze 2017

Hardtail велосипедите на Shockblaze са представени в и увеличената R и KRS серия. Моделите от R серията са с алуминиеви рамки и следват новите ...
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27 january 2017

City Bikes // Shockblaze 2017

This is year we, at Shockblaze, created the classic city bikes category to respond to the growing need of our society for trustworthy and practical soluti ...
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20 january 2017

MTB E-bikes // Shockblaze 2017

Shockblaze 2017 // MTB e-bikes are divided in Hardtal and Full Suspension. The models from the category utilize the latest generation technology for assis ...
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13 january 2017

Road Race // Shockblaze 2017

The models from the ROAD Race category are quite diverse. Whether they are an "unusual" companion for the first round on the road or a familiar traini ...
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06 january 2017

City E-Bikes // Shockblaze 2017

Our main principles at Shockblaze is innovation. True to our traditions, this year, the CITY bikes category is our new addition to the Shockblaze family.T ...
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15 december 2016

Споделена страст от колоезденето

Shockblaze е дългогодишният опит, придобит от усърдната работа на нашите експерти и екип от специалисти. Това качество е дълбоко залегнало и слу ...
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09 december 2016

Kids Bikes // Shockblaze 2017

For another consecutive year, Shockblaze KIDS bikes category is created with the sole purpose of creating memories for the whole family. To achiev ...
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29 november 2016

Full Suspension Bikes // Shockblaze 2017

Shockblaze Full Suspension Bikes are presented in the new improved Trace series. The series include bikes with alloy frames, front and rear shocks ...
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27 november 2016

Shockblaze // Collection 2017

Shockblaze is longstanding experience, achieved through years of hard work by our experts and team of specialists. This quality is deeply embe ...
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29 may 2015

First steps - Randonneur 10 000km

The Randonneur 10,000 km medal is an extremely prestigious award, which is awarded only to participants successfully passed 10,000 km of road cycling. It ...
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02 august 2011

Hardtail R series - 2012

Shockblaze Hardtail bicycles are presented in the new R series. The series utilizes aluminum frames and different component grades the number of the model ...
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01 august 2011

Full Suspension Series - 2012

Shockblaze MTB series includes bicycles with full suspension. The best representatives of this class are the Enemy and the Skin bikes. ...
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