5 july 2017

Bike Touring or how to conquer the distance

Source: https://goo.gl/Cst2Qf In the second part of the Bike Touring series, Shockblaze team, will make on overlook of severa ...
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21 june 2017

Bike Touring or the "strange animal" that loves travelling

In the following blog series we will cover a very interesting but strangely not very popular topic such as Bike Touring or what kind of animal i ...
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7 june 2017

Mission "Bike" - day 9, 10 and 11

С настъпването на топлото време колоезденето в и извън града, на къси и дълги разстояния става все по-приятно, лесно и удобно. За този факт св ...
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24 may 2017

Mission "Bike" - day 6, 7 and 8

В следващите три дни от Мисия „Bike", която се изпълнява от нашия приятел и блогър Мартин Гергов, ще представят още полезни съвети за правилн ...
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10 may 2017

Mission "Bike" - Day 3,4 and 5

Чудесна, слънчева сутрин и 3-ти пореден ден от Мисия „Bike"! След първите няколко дни на колоездене и „загрявка" с велосипеда вече нашият прияте ...
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26 april 2017

Mission "Bike" - Day 2

The clock is 07:10 in the morning and our friend and blogger is set and ready for Day 2 from the special Mission "BIKE"! The light and uncomfort ...
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12 april 2017

Mission "Bike"

In those series of articles, we at Shockblaze, would like to introduce the active lifestyle of one of our close friends and famous blogger Mar ...
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7 february 2017

Winter cycling? - part 3

In the last part of "Winter cycling", we at Shockblaze, will give you a few good tips of how to wear right while riding in the winter. One of ...
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2 december 2016

Winter cycling? - part 2

In the first part of the „Winter Cycling?" series the SHOCKBLAZE team tried to present some of the most important initial requirements to "wi ...
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14 november 2016

Winter cycling?

With the quickly approaching winter season it is completely natural for the traffic on city streets to increase significantly. The team of SHOC ...
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17 october 2016

Geometries part II

In our next article about geometry of the bicycle we will focus our attention to other main elements. First of all we will look at chainstay whi ...
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5 june 2015

Geometries part I

The geometry of a bicycle is what determines its behavior on the track or route, the movement, the level of comfort and the responsiveness of the bike. It is ...
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