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Shockblaze is MaxEurope's top bicycle brand. Created in 1995 in Italy, now the brand is manufactured by MaxEurope – a European bicycle manufacturer and is disturbed by Maxbike Ltd., also part of the group, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The holding MaxEurope has one of the most modern production facility in Europe.
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It all begins as a joke more than 20 years ago in Italy. In that time, in August, the founder of Shockblaze – Marco Dal Mas, for the first time felt the spark, igniting the love for cycling and bicycles for the rest of his life.
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Shockblaze bicycles are created to carry the newest in technologies, ergonomics and design. Each one has the potential of a champion, left as an imprint from the caring hands of our mechanics on every detail. Shockblaze are not only bicycles - they are the trust and promise, given to the cyclist that he can count on us in every situation, in extreme conditions.
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Shockblaze is part of MaxEurope family, European bicycle manufacturer, located in the industrial district of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. The city is the second largest in the country, center of industrial life with the most manufacturing plants, as well as with unique history and culture. Plovdiv is the oldest inhabited city in Europe and the sixth most ancient and still inhabited city in the world. The city is located on one of the oldest and busiest trade routes, connecting Europe and Asia, remaining even today a major thoroughfare between the Old continent and the East.


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