It all begins as a joke more than 20 years ago in Italy. In that time, in August, the founder of Shockblaze – Marco Dal Mas, for the first time felt the spark, igniting the love for cycling and bicycles for the rest of his life. Laying sick, having spent his whole summer vacation at home, he longs for open spaces. Desperate and without any perspective of getting back on his feet, Marco asks his father to buy him several bicycle magazines, to take away some of his pain and depression. Richly illustrated pages, filled with dynamics, innovations and sports achievements get a hold of him in a way that he soon forgets about the fever, high temperature and the pain and he goes straight to his fathers' bike shop to find his first sports bike. In that years mountain biking is still not recognized as a sport in Italy and thanks to the bicycle mechanic, Marco ignites a lot in the free ride style and BMX competitions. Marco discovers that he has a talent and he starts winning several competitions, at the same time never stops to improve his bicycles by himself, ordering new parts or alternating already done details. To achieve optimal performance, the young enthusiast seamlessly starts to spend more and more time in the workshop and less on the track.

Several years later the mountain bikes become more popular. Marco does not stay indifferent and immediately buys his first MTB bicycle. He examines it with persistence and childish curiosity and spends days inside his fathers' shop with his bike. He is eager to learn even the smallest detail in the bike and find a way to improve everything possible. That is how his idea for creating bicycles for racing champions is born. After the days spend near the stand with the mountain bike, Marco is alone again, but this time on his desk with a pencil in hand, sketching for hours his first, own prototype. Seized by the enthusiasm of creating his own bicycle brand, he stops at the moment he writes down Shockblaze. The name quickly impresses him with its' sound and meaning – lightning. First version of Shockblaze logo

Shockblaze logo today

Just days after starting the adventure, Marco continues his work in the bike shop and draws by hand his first vision directly on the frame. The identity of Shockblaze comes alive with several pencils, painted cloth pieces and the lipstick of his girlfriend. For a short time, but with much efforts and sleepless nights, Marco manages to transform this prototype into a real bicycle and afterwards to open his own small company for mountain and road bicycles in Genoa. Business is going good and successful for the young entrepreneur and he establishes an independent company in Fruili – Venice Julia with the name Shockblaze and a year and a half later he moves in Venetto.

Iconic Shockblaze bicycle model. One of the first bike models made by Marco Dal Mas newly founded company.

All goes well and in 2007, Marco understands that with his small team he could not handle research, design, manufacturing and distribution. He realizes that it is time to look for a strategic partner to combine their efforts and follow their dreams. This leads to the crucial meeting with Maxcom LTD in 2008. Then, for the first time, Marco meets Maxim - an entrepreneur and owner of a brand new manufacturing facility, located in the heart of Bulgaria, in the town of Plovdiv, the oldest inhabited city in Europe and the only one, situated on seven hills like his favorite Rome. Marco quickly realizes that in the face of this manufacturer he will find the desired synergy. As if an invisible force has helped him to meet a soul mate, who like him „started from scratch" and was eager to create better and better bicycles. They sign a strategic partnership and the manufacturing of Shockblaze is moved to Bulgaria in 2009. From this moment on, Shockblaze goes through series of quick changes. Thanks to the team of engineers and designers at Maxcom Ltd. and the specialists at Sprint Ltd. the portfolio of the brand is significantly expanded. The range of models is enriched by creating new bicycle categories and the quality is improved by the serial production. Today, a number of sport clubs, professionals and bicycle experts from Italy and all over Europe value highly the qualities of Shockblaze bicycles.