Numbers & Facts

Shockblaze is part of MaxEurope family, European bicycle manufacturer, located in the industrial district of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. The city is the second largest in the country, center of industrial life with the most manufacturing plants, as well as with unique history and culture. Plovdiv is the oldest inhabited city in Europe and the sixth most ancient and still inhabited city in the world. The city is located on one of the oldest and busiest trade routes, connecting Europe and Asia, remaining even today a major thoroughfare between the Old continent and the East.

Maxcom LTD is a subsidiary within MaxEurope group. The company is responsible for the production of the Shockblaze branded bicycles of the holding. Eight different categories of bikes are produced – mountain bikes (carbon and aluminum), mountain bikes with full suspension (carbon and aluminum), road racing bikes (carbon and aluminum), bikes with electric assist (aluminum), trekking bikes (aluminum), city bikes (aluminum), folding bikes (aluminum), kids' bikes (aluminum). Maxcom LTD has implemented a strict quality and process control policy and the main strategic development is towards continuous reinvestment in innovations and research in order to achieve high competitiveness.

These high targets are possible to achieve through the modern production and administrative infrastructure of the holding, located on more than 40 000 m2 build area, where more than 1000 employees work. These facilities enable MaxEurope to manufacture over 400 000 bicycles per year and distribute them to more than 20 countries in Europe.