Who we are

We, SHOCKBLAZE team, are ambitions professionals oriented towards success!

We are part of MaxEurope Group!


Shockblaze is MaxEurope's top bicycle brand. Created in 1995 in Italy, now the brand is manufactured by MaxEurope – a European bicycle manufacturer and is disturbed by Maxbike Ltd., also part of the group, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The holding MaxEurope has one of the most modern production facility in Europe, located on more than 40 000 sq. m. actual size, with production capacity of more than 400 000 bicycles per year, well developed distribution in more than 20 countries in the European Union. For its purpose the company has implemented a strict quality control and process control, which guarantees safety, sustainability and trust among both suppliers and clients.

This infrastructure and sustainable policy for reinvestment and development for the holding, provide the use of modern manufacturing methods – powder and wet painting with eco-friendly paints, complying with the most strict European norms; separate assembly of every single batch; assembly by hand; strict control over every single part of the manufacturing process; testing and continuous improvement of models of each collection; storage and provision of the logistical support. Production of the bicycle models is physically separated from other departments of the holding, ensuring maximum control of each separate part of the technological process.
Maxbike Ltd., as part of the MaxEurope group, is a team of specialists, entirely dedicated to cycling and bicycles. We, at Maxbike Ltd., believe that every single Shockblaze bicycle has its own character – the character and energy of our team. That is why the center of our philosophy are the people, involved in the process of creating Shockblaze branded products.
Every new Shockblaze bicycle we create is the result of the efforts of our engineers, designers, product and production managers. Whether it is a mountain, road race or trekking bicycle, every product, leaving our factory is created to provide cyclists with technical superiority over the rest and experience like never before. Technologies, research and design are the core of our branded Shockblaze bicycles. Shockblaze bicycle for us is a concept for continuous improvement and superiority and we input all our passion. We use latest technological developments and trends, ensuring the very best experience for the consumers every day. All of us are part of this process and we know how important it is to be familiar not only with current industry developments, but also with the requirements and dreams of the cyclists. That is why we regularly participate in international events, conduct training and team-building initiatives, exercise together and enforce strict control over each bicycle in our own testing center.Our professional athletes test road racing, mountain and DH Shockblaze bicycles in real life conditions. Our cyclists are the ambassadors, carrying Shockblaze philosophy and with each race they support the dream of our founder – to create champions.
The city collection of Shockblaze bikes is the combination between the style and sophistication of the Apennines and the desire for uniqueness. These main principles, inspired from Italy, serve as a cornerstones of the category. The focus of the Shockblaze city bikes is to create a bicycle for urban conditions with technical superiority, manifesting into riding with comfort, style and uniqueness. Deep within us is the idea to create a series of quality and stylish bikes for children. We know and believe that the time spent with family is the most precious time. Our main goal is to use the latest technology to provide safe, stylish and comfortable bicycles.
Our customer care will answer, with pleasure, all your questions, suggestions and comments – find us!

We never stop looking for new challenges, to explore and work hard to become better and better.. This spirit for dynamics and competitiveness we share with our partners. They know that we are an international team of outstanding professionals, continuously improving products and processes regarding it, to provide you the exceptional Shockblaze bicycle!