Frequently asked questions

Where can I get an owner's manual for my Shockblaze bicycle?
If you have not received your manual when purchasing your Shockblaze bike you can find the it at our Manuals page on our official website
Where can I find Shockblaze accessories, clothes, hats, t-shirts and others?
You can purchase these items and many more through our official online shop at in the Accessories section.
My frame cracked! What should I do?
We at Shockblaze are your first contact point regarding all warranty questions. You can find us anytime at
I broke some part of the bike and I need to buy a new one! Can I order directly from you?
Yes, we sell directly to our customers. For inquiries regarding parts, please contact us at
Can I transport my Shockblaze bike on the roof rack of my car?
Roof racks, where the bike is fixed on the rear wheel and the front end fork, are non problematic.
Race bikes with carbon frond end forks should be treated differently.
Roof racks that fix the bike on the down tube are inappropriate. This might squeeze and damage the tube permanently.
If you use a rear carrier, note that it is suitable for bikes with aluminum frames. Our recommendation is to transport your Shockblaze bicycle inside the car. This way is safer and gentle for the bike.

Can I mount a child trailer on my Shockblaze bicycle?
Yes. It is important to ensure that the trailer is mounted by axle-hitch. This works with bikes that have quick-release dropouts. If you require any technical assistance, you can contact us at

Why is my Shockblaze bicycle heavier than listed in the catalog?
It is not always possible to have the exact measures for each bike size and equipment on the gram. Our measurements refer to the smallest frame size without pedals. But even in the same frame size, the weight can be different from the one listed in the catalog. For each frame size there might be up to 250-300g additional weight. We always try to measure and publish accurate weight data.

Can I install different fork on my Shockblaze bicycle?
No. The installation of other fork, than the one provided in the standard Shockblaze equipment, will void the warranty. The bike geometry will be changed in a negative way, which will lead to different handling, experience and will damage the frame permanently.

What is the tire width I can use on my Shockblaze bicycle?
Tire width:
All Shockblaze HARDTAIL bicycles: Maximum tire width 2.25"
The models were tested with this tire width and rims.
Can I test a Shockblaze bicycle before purchasing it?
We believe that testing a bike is totally different from seeing it online or reading the specification list. For that purpose we make yearly Test Ride campaigns for Shockblaze bikes.
With the purchase of Shockblaze bike from our online shop at you will have the opportunity to return your product in 30 days period. The only conditions is the bike to be in the original packing and not used. The return cost is covered by the buyer.
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