Shockblaze stands for innovations and technologies!
Our team of engineers, expert designers and product managers "walk together"
through the whole process of creating bicycles in our state of the art production facility.


The use of industrial bearings in the four link mechanism of the rear shock guarantees maximum effectiveness and less losses when pedaling on tough terrain. In combination with the new FOX technologies, our bicycles show exceptional qualities when climbing and descending.
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DMD System

Front derailleur with the direct mount system provides additional protection of the whole system and more precision when shifting gears. When changing the system a wide variety of accessories can be mounted.
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CI System

Gearing system with integrated in the frame cables provides additional protection from outside factors, durability, lower weight and seamless design.
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Test center

The Test center is an individual and independent part of the production processes.
In it is possible to conduct any series of testing procedures, in accordance to the European standards as well as other experimental procedures.

Test center

From the very beginning our idea is to create a bicycle which besides having an excellent design will be a safe and reliable means of transport and recreation. Our first goal was to create a test center, in accordance to the European safety standards. Gradually we continued to implement and create new procedures in order to ensure that we will provide the best quality products to our clients. In the meantime we continued our product and design development with our team of engineers. In the processes we became even better and more flexible. We invested all of our experience and attention to detail into creating top quality and safe bicycles.

Test center - paint

We also pay attention to another important aspect of the bicycle - the paint job. In our efforts to create bicycle, which have a unique look, we redesigned completely our whole painting facility in order to utilize the technology of wet painting.
Thanks to our precision to the detail, we conduct series of tests in order to ensure the top quality. The secret in its durability is the thickness of its layers.

Accessories & components

The accessories and components are an additional part, which provides better cycling experience furthermore!

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are specially designed accessories, which provide additional comfort and performance to the cyclists. The different types and styles of shoes answer the needs which every cycling discipline has.

Brakes set

We are completely aware and understand that the braking systems are one of the most important part of the bicycle. That is why we provide a wide range and array of products, which fulfill the needs of even the most demanding cyclists.